Visions of grandeur

When I first started this blog, I had visions of it being a place where I would be publishing perfectly formed, lengthy (award winning!) and innovative analytic essays exploring my research field . Oh the visions of grandeur! Given my inexperience as both a researcher and an academic writer, this was massively unrealistic to say the least! Still, it’s hard to let go of this fantasy.

But perhaps this misses the point and potential of this space.

One of the PhD blogs I’ve enjoyed reading is Interactive Music for Design by Samantha Ewart. While hers is a very interesting and relevant research project in itself, which includes technology design, health and working with young people (and, like my research is funded by the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre), I very much like how she is transparent about her PhD experience and uses the space to present issues she is grappling with in a balanced, conversational and accessible way, without resorting to whinge or despair (easier said than done sometimes!).

One of the things I have liked about my blog is that it mostly reminds me about how creative, quick and productive I can be when I feel comfortable and without the gaze of the ‘other’ (supervisor, peer, etc). It’s also quite a useful ‘writing warm up’ space that I’m sure would benefit using more regularly.

I don’t necessary want to totally give up the visions of grandeur (where would be the fun of that!?), but adding some ‘work in progress’ type posts would be good too.


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