Getting into gear

Have I mentioned that the first six months of this year is HUGE in terms of my PhD?? I haven’t? Well, let me tell you now: it is HUGE HUGE HUGE!!!! (with sincere apologies to anyone who feels a kitten dies every time excessive exclamation marks and capitals are used).

I feel like I’ve spent the first 6 months of my PhD in idle. I don’t know if that is ‘normal’ or at least common. I recognise this is partly due to the way I work – I like to get the lay of the land before plunging into it. So generally (I’m hoping) this has been a great thing. But in the last few months I have started to think of myself as being stuck and not doing ‘enough’.

That’s not to say that I’ve been doing nothing – major achievements include a draft of a troublesome systematic review, attendance at a conference, much reading, and a few excellent stats courses to boot (oh and blogging counts, right?!). Perhaps most importantly I’ve needed time to get comfortable in this new PhD skin – the topic, the major ideas and work so far etc.

Having revised my project plan last week, it is now time for me to release the handbrake, gun the engines and shift into gear – third gear seems entirely reasonable and doable. I have confirmation in less than six months. In itself this is no small task – a 10,000 word proposal (with fleshed out literature review, methodology and plan) and a 20 minute presentation to my academic advisory committee.  In the immediate term I will be attending and presenting at the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre Connect 2014 conference (very awesome) and attending a one week ASCPRI Fundamentals of Statistics course. Oh and hoping to take a day or two off sometime too.

So jump in to the passenger seat – there’s room for everyone!



2 thoughts on “Getting into gear

  1. Best of luck with the conference!! You can do it!! I’ve been reading “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield (who wrote the CHicken Soup series). It’s really inspiring and will be exactly the motivation that you need! x

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