Three little/big words

I’m not someone who sets grandiose new year’s resolutions, but I do like using the new year period as a time for general (if vague) reflection and restocking. This blog post resonated with and inspired me (which come to think of it is relatively rare experience from blog reading given the number of blogs I read). Basically it suggests coming up with three words that you use to set goals and keep focused throughout the year. It got me thinking about what my three words might be – it’s surprisingly hard. I like the idea of having ‘touchstones’ or words that represent values, behaviours or characteristics that you integrate into everything you do. I also think the simplicity of the concept is a winner. I wonder if the three words could be different for different contexts – e.g. work, study, personal life.

For my PhD, my three words are:

Discipline: I have a strong tendency and habit of procrastinating, usually due to serious bouts of self-doubt and lack of confidence. And I don’t mean a rigid type of discipline that doesn’t adapt or isn’t flexible to new information or situations. My aim is to set daily, weekly and monthly achievable goals to ensure that I don’t get bogged down in feeling overwhelmed.

Passion: Unlike discipline, which I have to work hard to do, passion is something that generally comes easy to me. It’s also central in keeping me happy, appreciating joyful experiences, and driving productivity and creative thinking. However, it sometimes gets lost in the day-to-day slog.

Engage: Like passion, this is something that I thrive on. However, sometimes I need a nudge to get out of my comfort zone and engage. Engagement comes in many shapes and forms – being totally ‘present’, open and actively seeking new people, experiences and conversations.

What would your 3 words be?




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