On your marks…

It’s been almost four months since my last post and up until the last month or so there hasn’t really been much PhD related news/musings to blog about (and when finally there was I forgot I even had a blog). But Here I Am. And the news is good. Not just good, but actually so positive and wonderful that I can hardly believe it.

In short, I got accepted for PhD at the University of Melbourne, including a scholarship (!!!!). I also have a new part-time job at headspace which is directly related to my PhD. I am SO excited (and very relieved at such a brilliant outcome) and, dare I use such a loaded word, happy.

My PhD is through the Department of General Practice, funded through the most excellent Young and Well Cooperative Centre. This will be complemented by two days a week at headspace, who are leading the way in developing and delivering evidence-based services with young people to improve their mental health.

The process wasn’t without some stress, particularly when trying to negotiate being able to work (unfortunately a scholarship alone is not near enough to cover mortgage, utilities and other costs that a mature-aged student such as myself has), but looking back these were worked out without too much fuss, for which I am very grateful.

I don’t officially start until next Friday, 31st May, but I attended Orientation on Thursday, organised by the Melbourne School of Graduate Research . An informative and enjoyable day – with the panel discussion from current phd students and the presentation from a librarian particular highlights. I am also looking forward to using the facilities in the beautiful graduate centre .

Having spent my undergrad painfully shy and anxious, not getting involved in – or engaging with – uni life, I am determined to seek out opportunities and participate fully the second time around. Bring It On.