Last week I submitted the supporting document for my PhD scholarship. It was over 4 pages long, detailing my research experience and knowledge. Apart from not being able to detail my conference presentation history (due to a complete oversight in keeping record of the many conferences I presented at – surely a very rookie mistake for an early researcher!) I was reasonably pleased with the document.

My biggest concern is around statistical analysis. I’m concerned this will be a deal breaker, that the fact that this is a skill that I could acquire with support and training won’t be taken into consideration – that my other skills and experience from working for 10 years in the youth mental health and technology sectors will somehow be seen as inadequate, or at least less important than some statistical experience.

While I will be very disappointed if I’m not successful, I’m also surprisingly quite philosophical about it (huzah!). If it’s a deal breaker, well, so be it – I can’t really do much about it.

That said, the waiting is hard.

I should hear back early next week.

It reminds me of something I read many years ago – an author (Peter Carey, Ian McEwan, Tim Winton??) was asked in an interview how he dealt with the anxiety of waiting to hear back from a publishing house about a manuscript. His advice was to use that time to get busy working on a new piece of writing, so that if rejection did arrive it didn’t sting quite so much because you were getting excited about another emerging project.

So this weekend, I will start putting together another proposal. And hopefully the waiting won’t be quite so hard.