Getting back on the horse


I spent last night with a horrible migraine and was woken painfully early (at least for someone without young children) and, finding myself with a bit of time to enjoy my first coffee of the day while listening to the birds wake up (and my two little kittens run amok around the flat), I thought it was time to get back on the horse!

Getting back on the horse in a number of ways – including literally. I took up horse riding over a year ago. And found it so rewarding – challenging, engaging and satisfying. But I got discouraged and for reasons I can’t really fathom now,  decided to have a break! I’ve been missing it so much.

As with this blog, I’ve been in limbo with my PhD. Being at a new job, I’ve been trying to figure out if it is somewhere that will provide the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to mental health while also allowing me to grow and be challenged. The jury is still out on that, but I am more hopeful – and more confident.

I’m getting back on the horse with my PhD. It has never really gone far away, but is now off the back burner. A few key conversations recently have helped push me along. A colleague at work – a counsellor who is also studying to become a psychologist. One of the most skilled and enthusiastic shared his story with me – how he overcame extreme hardship and trauma from his childhood, and overcame a series of academic knock backs (which would have left me deflated and insecure) to be well on the way of reaching his goals – and living his life on his terms.

Maybe it’s time I started living my life on my terms a bit more.


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