The importance of chats to other phd (semi) candidates

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been really grateful at having the opportunity to chat to a couple of friends who are about to apply for a PhD. My parents, while being supportive and always stressing the importance of education, are not necessarily able to relate and offer insights into the world of higher education, given my dad left school at 14 and my mum at year 10. I get the vibe that they don’t quite ‘get’ why anyone would do a PhD.

I also don’t have the benefit of having work colleagues to discuss my thoughts with – unfortunately my phd won’t be relate to my work and there aren’t others who are currently studying.

Which means I’ve spent a lot of time stewing about the topic in my head. This has been both good and bad. Good – at least at first – because it’s given me the space to process and consider things more fluidly without being restricted by being too logical and articulate. Bad because there is a tendancy to start going around in circles and become bogged down in unhelpful thinking and anxieties.

So it’s been a welcome revolation just to chat with a few awesome people out there (you know who you are!) who are at a similar stage and able to provide some timely words of wisdom and advise. Those brief conversations were enough to put things in perspective and start putting thoughts into action! yay! (and thank you 🙂 )


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