Disconnection between technology research and flexible learning?

Last night I was having dinner with friend, telling her about my tentative, baby steps in finding a topic – and home (supervisor, university) – for my phd. I mentioned that a leading academic – who holds joint appointment in a leading mental health organisation -in the my chosen field had expressed interest in supervising me (whoohoo!). However, this academic indicated that I would need to be located in her state (not the same one I live in).

My friend asked a very logical question. Why couldn’t I study remotely? This seems like a particularly apt question given my research will look at innovative, progressive use of technology. I suspect there are many rational reasons for this rule – perhaps financial or statistical. If nothing else, it was interesting that I hadn’t really considered the possibility – perhaps, like universities, I have come a long way in my technology use, but still have a way to go.


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